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Thrillers/detective stories

Thrillers/detective stories

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Fluent/native speakers

    All the world's a stage Akunin, B/Bromfield, A(tr) 9781474604406 £20.00  
    Shepot gremuchej loshchiny Pered Vami puteshestvie po bolotam, ovragam, temnym lesam i topyam, postoyannye stychki s nechestyu. Atmosfera skorbi i mraka ne otpuskaet do poslednej stranicy. Korsakova, T 9785041213152 £14.50  
    Usadba ozhivshego mraka Korsakova, T 9785041592684 £12.75  
    Remeslo Dovlatov, S 9785389048157 £8.70  

Lower Intermediate

    Liga ispugannikh muzhchin Stout, R 9785367029741 £10.95  


    Prazdnichnii piknik Stout 9785367031041 £10.95  
    Chornaya gora Stout, R 9785367031003 £10.95  
    Tol'ko cherez moi trup 9785435703245 £10.95  
    Zaveshchaniye Stout, R 9785367030914 £12.95  

Fluent/native speakers

    Shkola uzhasov This edition includes 3 favourite scary stories by Oster written in his clever style with a generous portion of irony. Children who don't even like reading will love this book! Oster, G 9785171082154 £9.95  
    Perchatki Ariadny Vika thinks about using someone else's talents for the school competition. But this person belongs to a different world, the world of shadows. She will have to pay the price for such a gift... Letiagina, A 9785171363383 £9.95  
    Krasnaja ruka, chjornaja prostynja, zeljonye paltsy As usual at nights children in a school camp tell each other scary stories - the red hand, the black sheet, the green fingers... The next morning however the stories come alive! Uspensky, 9785171223823 £9.95  
    Oshchuti strakh Child, L 9785040886081 £11.95  
    Pronikshie iz koshmarov Druzhinin, A 9785171468392 £12.75  
    Koshmary 21-j shkoly Tajka from the 3rd form happens to find her witch great-grandmother's box, and now she learns to do her own magic! But for this she will have to pay the price... Gordienko, G 9785171349974 £9.95  
    Piknik v Chumnom fortu Petya's Birthday party is going to take place at... the Chumnoy Fort! Instead of Birthday treats and surprises the children face the ominous secret of the past. Melnikova, M 9785171375799 £9.95  
    Magazin "Belye tapochki" This town is full of strange new people. They all are quite pretty and live in pretty houses, but something is not right about them. It is the weird cold feeling they produce. Find out if the young characters of the story will be able to save their town from the aliens! Nesterina, E 9785171350734 £9.95  
    Strashnaja tajna smartfona This story with elements of sci-fi and horror will be an excellent choice for a teenager, as it involves subjects popular among kids such as smartphones and time travel. Ozornina, A 9785171174071 £9.95  
    Otdaj svojo serdtse! The story begins with Genka fallling in love with Rita, and her confession that she is not quite alive... She needs his heart! Find out what this sinister love story results in. Ronshin, V 9785171350055 £9.95  
    Prizrak Ivana Groznogo Ivan IV, or as they call him the Terrible, killed his own son. This is a school story. But who knows what happened in real life?.. His ghost now is even much scarier at school when it's dark... Usacheva, E 9785171228491 £9.95  
    Ochen' strashnye rasskazy V etom sbornike Vy najdete istorii, holodyashchie krov: privideniya, mistika, zakoldovannye mesta i predmety i, konechno, Vij, prishedshij pryamo iz preispodnej. Gogol, N/Chekhov, A/Poe, E/Conan Doyle, A/Bestushev-Marlinskij, A 9785907224230 £18.75  
    Pozhiratel planet This is a compilation of scary stories from different countries and continents, including old tales, superstitions, legends, and modern horror stories of various peoples. Ryklin, M 9785171346799 £9.95  
    Zakon negodiaev Abdulaev, C 9785040983063 £11.95  
    Mutabor Abuziarov, I 9785271448041 £15.75  
    Sherlock Holmes. Dykhaniie Boga. Adams, G 9785389048058 £10.95  
    Grossmejster V centre goroda ischezaet doch krupnogo biznesmena. Prestupnirk hiter i opasen. Final istorii shokiroval vsekh... Agapov, V 9785041196189 £8.70  
    Talisman Agapov, V 9785041093921 £12.95  
    Azazel Pamjati XIX stoletija, kogda literatura byla velikoj, vera v progress bezgranichnoj, a prestuplenija sovershalis i raskryvalis s izjaschestvom i vkusom. Akunin, B 9785815916241 £13.95  
    Chernyj gorod Akunin, B 9785815915404 £12.95  
    Koronatsiya, ili Pposlednij iz romanov Coronation, or the Last of the Romanovs is the 8th book in The adventures of Erast Fandorin series by Boris Akunin. Akunin, B 9785815915367 £13.95  

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